Not-for Profit (NGOs) & Tax Advisory Services

Not-for Profit (NGOs) & Tax Advisory Services

As a business, and as part of our corporate social responsibility, we promote good corporate governance by providing affordable and quality services to Not-for Profit organizations ranging from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Non-Stock and Not-for profit companies and organizations, funds, international NGOs and Consortia to ensure that they are compliant with all requirements to operate under the Uganda NGO regulatory regime. We support these organizations in the procurement of licences and their renewal, the filing of necessary reports and returns as well as all necessary compliance paper-work.

We also support these No-for profit organizations by doing legal audits in relation to their statutes, objectives as well their already filed forms to ensure that we iron-out any inconsistencies or possibilities for any ultra-vires activities and or filings. We support these organizations by ensuring that they abide by requisite statutory filings and remittances such as those to do with the National Social Security Fund as well as remittances of deductible taxes to the Uganda Revenue authority. We support the organizations’ capacity development agenda by ensuring that their employees are properly employed pursuant to the laws of Uganda, that proper internal processes including disciplinary and promotion processes are done in accordance with the law.

ICON LAW is further available to provide the following services in the corporate social responsibility field:

  • Review, advise and support organizations including public and private sector entities to develop and or improve their corporate social responsibility policies and programs
  • Train and support public and private sector entities, law firms and other civil society organizations in establishing and running successful legal Aid/Assistance programs.
  • Offering technical and professional support in the initiation of public interest litigation on selected issues of public interest.
  • Collaboration on programs of mutual interest that have elements of public interest protection as well as corporate social responsibility
  • Undertake studies/research on matters of public interest or with elements of corporate social responsibility

Tax Advisory Services

We provide tax compliance and advisory services to different corporate organizations – both profit-and non-profit oriented. We undertake legal and tax compliance audits to ensure that our clients limit the possibilities of non-compliance to zero. We support our clients in the filing of annual returns and tax –returns on time and ensure that any queries if any are answered in time and authoritatively.

We represent our clients in all matters related to taxes either before the different offices and fora at the Uganda Revenue authority, including in the Tax Appeals Tribunal up to the courts of law in cases of contentious matters. We emphasize the amicable settlement of tax disputes through negotiations, alternative dispute resolution as well as re-organized payment plans, proper tax planning and compliance policies and programs. These interventions ensure that our clients focus on their work and objectives by eliminating un-necessary non-compliance queries, litigation or penalties that normally cripple organizations.

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